A Pakistani Christian abused and beaten for selling ice-cream to Muslim women and children. 42-year-old, Khaleel Masih was bashed by a mob in a village in District Kasur for selling ice-creams.
"Christians are untouchables," the mob chanted while beating him therefore they should not be allowed to sell edibles to Muslims.

Khaleel Masih, resident of Changa Manga recounted the incident and said that on May 17, he went to a village in District Kasur in order to sell ice- creams. He told that two Muslim villagers Muhammad Farman and Muhammad Rizwan came up to him and started abusing and humiliating him calling him "Choora,"- (meaning low-cast , Choora and ESI term used to show hate, as Muslims know Christian do not like word choora or esi to use for them) a term oftentimes used to humiliate Christians.

"They called me Choora, and then they began accusing me of selling unclean merchandise to Muslim children. I wanted to argue, and make them understand that this was not true but they did not listen to me. Instead, they began to beat and torture me."

Followed by assault from the two villagers, a mob of around twenty others joined in and started beating him ferociously. The mob not only beat him, but also damaged his bicycle and spilled his ice-cream on the ground. As the mobsters laid siege of Khaleel and continued to beat him, the Muslim men and women bystanders started chanting scornful slogans saying, "Christians are untouchables! They are not followers of our holy prophet. They are meant for cleaning our houses and therefore should not be allowed to sell anything edible to Muslims."

Kahleel Masih who was severely injured as a result of the bashing, said, "I was attacked, beaten and abused for selling ice-cream to Muslim children and women." He said that when he approached the local police station and reported the incident, the police should reluctance initially however, later an FIR was registered. He disclosed that the local influential Muslim leaders even tried to pressurize him, to remain silent over the incident and withdraw his complaint. "They forced me to sign a reconciliation agreement," he explained.


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