About Us

Aim4Faith Ministries is a non-profitable non-governmental organization which is registered under the joint stock companies act 1860 Pakistan. It is faith based human rights and development organization which is working in the remote areas of District Toba Tek Singh and District Faisalabad in the central Punjab, Pakistan since 2004.

Mission Statement:

Aim4Faith is working with the poor segments and marginalized groups of community with the mission of:

"Reaching the outreached, helping, empowering and developing the marginalized communities, building peace and interfaith harmony among the ethnic and religious groups"

What We Do:

Aim4Faith Ministries took initiative to preach and educate the young generation and opened schools in the remote villages for the poor and deprived communities where the children not only are taught the Curriculum recommended by the Government but they are learning the values of human rights, gender sensitization, peace, interfaith harmony and religious respect and Gospel teachings.

Aim4Faith Ministries is providing food and milk in the schools to support the poor children for their better health to prevent the malnutrition.

Aim4Faith Ministries is fighting against the bounded child labour and providing the education to these children free of cost and providing them school fee, uniforms, stationary and books.



Aim4Faith Ministries supports the religiously persecuted people and arranged the interfaith harmony programs among the different ethnic and religious groups.



Aim4Faith Ministries has done the recording of Audio Bible in three main Pakistani languages i.e. Urdu, Sindhi and Pashto and it is provided free of cost in all Pakistan, India and Afghanistan and shipped freely all over the World. Aim4Faith Ministries is preaching the Gospel through Radio Programs, Biblical literature, Gospel Music Cassettes, CDs and DVDs.



Aim4Faith Ministries prepares the Gospel Music and recorded the two albums of folk Christian Music so the people can listen the gospel songs and strengthen their faith.Aim4Fiath Ministries is providing Bibles and Jesus Movie free of cost and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through seminars, workshops, and home churches.



Aim4Faith Ministries provides the medical care to the needy and poor the relief work had been done in the 2010,2011 and 2013 floods and earthquakes.

Aim4Faith Ministries provides the emergency relief in all over the Pakistan and in the past had a quick action had been taken in the 2010,2011 & 2013 floods and provided food, shelter, books and school supplies to many thousands without difference of any cost or religion.



Aim4Faith Ministries has started the capacity building program with youth, teachers, men and women. For them awareness programs are designed and implemented.



Under the women Empowerment Programs, women and girls are learning the skills like sewing, stitching, embroidery and basic education like reading, writing and basic arithmetic



Aim4Faith Ministries has its own recording studio and provide the recording facilities and services in all languages like, English, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi , Saraki.



Aim4Faith Ministries provide the translation support from English to Native languages that are Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pastho, Saraki, Nepali and Hindi. We have translation experts who have 10 years translation experience and they are experts of their fields


If you have any question or you want to get a Urdu Bible or Bible Audio CD's please feel free to contact us