Christian Couple Burnt Alive

Another unrightous mob killing! Mobsters use outdated blasphemy law to avoid prosecution for gruesome rape and murder


The message was clear: The mob will burn you alive in a Brick Kiln if they feel like it, and can get away with it! Mobsters used their professed faith in Islam to cover two gruesome murders recently. Using Pakistan's hotly contraversial and culturally divisive Blasphemy Laws, the inhumans dipped their hands into Christian blood by falsely accusing an innocent couple of stealing wages, when the wages were actually owed to the couple. When the employer realized that he could not legally withold the wages of his two Christian "employee" slaves, and that they would not drop the issue, he gathered the mob, and accused them of stealing from him. If this wasn't enough, he threw fuel on the fire by screaming the old standby accusation routinely used against non-Muslims: "BLASPHEMY!!!". The killing of Christians without legal defense and trial has become routine in Pakistan, and reflects very negatively on Pakistan's corrupt and ineffective "good 'ol boy" government.

The thirst for Christian blood can never be satisfied as long as the holy book of the Muslims is interpreted by the Pakistani government and clerics to allow the killing, looting, raping, kidnapping, torturing and burning of Christians. This also happens regularly elsewhere in the Mulim world. The mob calles this unholy work "SAWAB" which ironically means to earn more virtues in the sight of Allah. One only needs to be accused of blasphemy to incure a gruesome death. No proof necessary, and rarely a fair trial. This effectively gives mobsters a license to kill Christians. After an accusation of blasphemy has been thrown at a non-Muslim, the mob society puts on a false aire of justified religious anger and then carries out its gruesome function. This time it happened in Kot Radha Kishan, Kasur, only 40 KM away from Pakistan's Capitol city of Lahore. This particular time there was a raging mob of 400 being urged on their religious leaders and the false witness. The young Christian couple was beaten badly and then thrown into a blazing brick kilm.

Shama Bibi and her husband Shahbaz Masih were surviving as indentured servants by firing bricks in a brick kiln. The owner of the brick kiln claims that the couple owed him a tremendous amount of money. Unfortunately, under Pakistan's corrupt legal system, a bonded laboror's debt is never decreased. This is a fancy way of legally owning slaves. In Pakistan, bonded workers are purposely kept totally illiterate. They do not know simple or basic math and cannot know if they are being compensated fairly or not. The threat of a horrible death from an unholy mob keeps them from seeking a better life. The owners of these brick kilns routinely disregard contractual agreements between themselves and their illiterate slaves. Who is going to question a mobster that can call an army of 400 eager accomplices to murder? This couple toiled as slaves in the hellfire of a birck kiln, under a false master, but died nobly as Christian martyrs for their true master who is Jesus Christ. May peace be upon them in Christ Jesus forever!

In civilized countries, the following scheme is known as raketeering, which would bring prison without question and without mercy to any person participating in it. Although a debtor pays the debt every week, receiving only half the wages of their work, the payment is not recorded and the debt is never decreased. These uneducated slaves work from generation to generation adding debt to the debts of their forefathers. THERE IS NO ESCAPE...!


According to the victims' family, the couple is survived by three children. The surviving family reported that the two victims wanted to send their children to school to free them from the chains of generational slavery. Of course the brick kiln owner, named Muhammad Yousaf Gujjar, refused to let them go even though he had no legal right to the children. Gujjar demanded that the couple pay their artificially inflated debt of 500,000 rupees ($5000 US). The couple plead with Gujjar many times to let their children go home and live with their extended family, but Mr. Gujjar angrily refused stating "If I let your children go, then other laborers will demand the same." he continued saying "I will make you an example for the others." On the Nov.2, Mr. Gujjar kidnapped the couple, and locked them in his brick kiln. Gujjar demanded his extortion money back and of course the poor couple was not able to pay. Shama Bibi was four months pregnant. Gujjar and his worker raped her for two nights in the presence of her husband

The next night the two conspired to kill their captives. Their plan was to tell the nearby villages that they caught a Christian couple who had burned pages from a Qur'an. As expected, the next morning an angry mob gathered. This mob included many Muslim clerics from nearby many villages. They brought iron rods, sticks, firearms and other weapons to kill the falsely accused and unarmed couple. First the mob beat the couple very badly by breaking both arms and legs on both victims. Once they were unable to defend themselves with arms or legs, the mob targeted their sensitive body parts. With the couple on the floor of the kiln, unable to move they lit the fire of the kiln. The young parents were then thrown casually into the blazing hell-fire of the brick kiln. They were concious as they burned, the whole time crying for help from a crowd possesed by the devil. Their last breaths declared their innocence before God and Man. They did nothing wrong, and there was no blasphemy, and there was no hope for them, even from the the police. The police had betrayed the trust of their office and showed their disloyalty to their uniforms. The police actually were present, but had joined the mob and actively participated in the murder. Shama was four months pregnant and 3 lives were taken. To soothe their wounded morals the leaders of the mob claimed that they had acted in the name of Islam. In reality, they desicrated their own faith by attributing their murderous actions to their religion. They have worshipped the devil through their actions. Who can claim justice on over 400 murderers in one place? Only a wrath filled God can...and he is coming.


The victims have three small children who are currently harassed living in fear for their lives. These children need protection and justice. Please pray for these children and the untold number of oppressed and persecuted families who can never return to their burned and pillaged homes again. Please pray for the all Christians in Pakistan and all over the world who have to face stories like this one in their every day lives.

Please support these children or adopt them, we can provide you more information and you can help through us.

Be the voice of Persecuted children and help the chidren in need.

All Christians living here in Pakistan are now living in a new mortal fear. Due to new interpretations of the blasphemy laws, it is now much easier to deny Christians due process of law, and excuse the murders of mobs. Blasphemy laws are easy tools to legally murder Christians in Pakistan. Law enforcement agencies have never even once attempted to save a Christian from a mob. In fact, every time a mobster murder and burning is done, the police show their support by their inaction. Sadly, there are many examples like Gojra and Korian. In 2009, a heavy police presence encouraged the mob to burn eight Christians alive. In another incident in Joseph Colony Lahore in March, 2013 police helped the mob burn the homes of Christians.

Christians in Pakistan have always been peaceful and have never been involved or even thought about blasphemy. Christians believe in religious respect of all religions including Islam. The anger expressed in this page is directed exactly on the people who commited these hideous offenses. Moral bankruptcy is a trait of non-believers, and these culprets cannot be accepted to represent the faith of millions of peaceful people accross the world. This problem is a political problem in Pakistan, not a religious one. Corrupt people have always made unjust laws, or twisted existing laws to serve their own ends.


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