Flood Relief Efforts 2014

Introduction and Details of Activities

The heavy Monsoon across Pakistan and India during the first week of the September caused the Chenab, Jhelum, and Ravi rivers to overflow as well as many other main canals across Pakistan. The resulting flash floods destroyed much of Kashmir and Punjab.

•  2.5 million people were affected

•  6700 villages swept away with flash floods

•  According to National Disaster Management system 518 people were died

•  system 518 people were died

•  1.8 million people's homes were damaged, cracked or destroyed

•  2.4 million acres crops were destroyed

•  5000 schools, hospitals were damaged

•  Over 500,000 livestock affected



More than 300 villages are badly affected in District Jhang and its Tehsil Athara Hazari.

Aim4Faith Ministries had taken initiative to help the people with food packets and Hygiene kits and provided 450 food packets to badly affected people in Moaza Lohay wal, Moaza Mulkhana and Moaza Bhinda with the support of their partners where people are still living in tents. Their homes are totally destroyed or badly cracked and these are not able to reside again. Our Partners LDS Charities donated the food and other relief materials like Hygiene kits on our request?

The Aim4Faith Ministries team visited the areas called Moaza Lohay wala, Moaza Mulkhana, and Moaza Bhinda which were totally destroyed by the river Chenab. There we visited with families and prepared lists of those hit by the floods. We did this to make our distribution efforts transparent and to make sure that food packets and hygiene kits would reach truly affected families.

Once these lists were prepared, our team issued a token to each affected family. At the time of distribution the families took their token to the collection place and exchanged it for their packet. The token were issued with unique serial numbers and the family's name to avoid repeat recipients. This effort to make the distribution more accurate and transparent, is an elegant way to build trust among both our donors and our packet recipients.



Food packs were packed by the team of Aim4Faith Ministries and our partners LDS Charities all the work done by our volunteers


3150 people served with Food and Hygiene Kits:

450 packets were distributed among the families in three different places with complete ethnic, religious and racial harmony!

Each packet contained food for fifteen days for a seven member family. 3150 people were blessed with food and hygiene kits.

Food Packets: Each food packet delivered contained flour, rice, food grains, cooking oil, sugar, tea and dry milk. This constitutes a complete 15 days food packet for a family of seven.

Hygiene Kits: Hygiene kits included soap, toothpaste and tooth brushes.



Impact of the Project:

Aim4Faith Ministries is a Christian organization that reached out to Pakistani flood victims without any preference of religion, race or ethnic group. Most affected people in these devestated areas were Sunni or Shi'ia Muslims. They were pleasently surprised to learn that they were being helped by Christians, and really appreciated the help. Many of them told us that they decided to have a different, more positive view toward Christianity. What power a simple act of kindness had to change the views of the people, and even the District administration!

Our effort to assist our fellow countrymen has proven to be a real source of interfaith harmony between Muslims and Christians. It is our hope that our continued efforts will greatly help overcome the negative stereotypes of non-Christians in these areas, and help us penetrate among these people with the message of the Gospel.



Rehabilitation Needs:

Curently our rehabilitation needs are:

•  shelter (to build replacement shelters)

•  school supplies

•  Blankets, quilts, warm cloths

•  Seed and fertilizers

•  water pumps

•  First responder, medical, and counseling training to assist people in crisis

•  awareness and trauma healing programs





Please visit the webpage for updates www.aim4faith.org and visit YouTube to watch the activities of humanitarian Aid


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