Looting, Burning in Francisable Gujaranwala

Christians are attacked in Francis Colony Gujranwala, Second attack on Christians in one month span, where we still not forget the burning of Joseph Colony.

Christians in Pakistan once again are attacked by Muslim mob on very small issue which they make the matter of disrespect of Islam and its prestige. The huge mob attacked on Fracisabad a Christian colony just 3 km away from Gujranwala. In Fracisabad there are more than 30,000 people residing and believers of Jesus Christ. The Christians are living peacefully from many decades and always show respect to other religions and Muslims.

Today, the mob attacked with iron rods, fire arms, pistols and guns round 2 pm and start looting, breaking shops and homes. In the span of two hours all shops and many homes were damaged badly, while police did not intervene to stop the mob. The mob burnt the 7 vehicles of the Christians and left 12 people injured when they open fire on Christians. Later on they attacked on the Church in the colony and stoned the church and they broke the chairs, desks and shred the Holy Bibles and Hymn books.

The dispute stared on Tuesday evening when the two Christian boys were listening religious hymns on their Motorcycle Rickshaw. When the approach near a mosque then a cleric and few men came out from mosque and stop them to play hymns. The boys stop the hymns at the moment and start playing crossing the mosque after the adequate distance from Mosque. But the cleric said they have disrespected the Islam and they reached to Fracisabad rickshaw stop and beaten the boys badly.

Next day, on Wednesday the Muslim raiders attacked the Fracisabad and hurled stones at local church. Two passengers, three police men and seven Christians were seriously injured the firing by the enraged Muslim raiders, while heavy damage was also done to over a Hundred shops, several motorcycles and cars.

It is the second attack on the Christians in Punjab, First in Lahore and second in Gujranwala. While in Lahore on 9th March 2013, three hundred homes were burnt down and people are living in miserable conditions. You can watch the video of the Joseph colony on YouTube.

Please continue to pray for the Christians in Pakistan who are really in trouble and are under attack by the majority of Muslim population.

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