Persecution in Joseph Colony, Badami Bhag, Lahore, Pakistan

Christians in Pakistan were once again the target of Muslim mobs looting, burning down their houses shops and Churches. This time it was in Lahore city, the second largest city of Pakistan and provincial capital of Punjab, Pakistan. On 8th March 2013 a Christian boy named Sawan Masih has a small dispute with a Muslim barber named Imran. Imran had a barber shop and Sawan Masih had billiard's shop in the Joseph colony. They both were shouting and fighting in the street on some very small issue. Both were in huge anger and during their fight they both start abusing each other that is always part of quarrel in Pakistan. Later on, the people of colony settled the dispute.

But the anger of Muslim boy Imran did not calm down and in the evening he met some Muslim religious leaders and boys and told them that Sawan Masih had done the blasphemy and spoke out the disrespectful words for the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).



The religious leaders went to the Police station and demanded to charge the section 295-C (death plenty) against the Sawan Masih.

By the huge pressure of Muslim community and religious leaders the Sawan Masih was arrested from his house in the evening under the Blasphemy law having charges of 295C.

(Note:- Sawan Masih had death sentenced by the court and He is in jail and waiting his death day. He is innocent man. No, Christian cannot do the blasphemy against Islam, Prophet Muhmmad (PBUH) or the Holy Book Quran. All the blasphemy cases are based on self-disputes, anger and personal prejudice. )

Violence, looting and burning against Christians in Joseph Colony:-

The family of Sawan Masih and people of the colony was in deep shock when they came to know that Sawan Masih has been charged with the 295C. The family were in huge unrest and worried for their young boy who was the only person to feed his family.

In the same time the Muslims hardliners were at work. The rumour was being spread that Sawan Masih is released from Jail after the initial investigation. There were announcements in the loud speakers that a person who has done blasphemy had been released by the Police. More than 300 people gathered at night and they chart out the plan for the next day.


Malicious rumours continued to be circulated that Christians had desecrated the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). It did not matter where this had happened or who had done it or whether it was true. Christians in many surrounding villages and towns began receiving threats as Mullahs (Muslim clerics) began preaching hatred and revenge. On 9th March a large mob moved towards a Christian locality called Joseph Colony in the Badami Bhag near the famous bus station. They carried sticks, batons, clubs, burning chemicals and even firearms. The small police force's half-hearted attempt to stop them was ineffective. Fortunately, many Christians fled from their houses where as few Christians tried to resist the mob.

The start beating the Christians and put their homes and shops in fire.

The mob besieged the locality and went on a rampage, looting and burning 255 Christian houses and shops. Two small church was also ransacked and later on put on fire, where many Holy Bibles and books of hymns were burnt.

Police reinforcements arrived by late afternoon, but it was too late - the damage had been done. Till evening everything was turned to ruins. The whole colony was heap of ashes and smoke.

Everywhere was smell of gun-powder and smoke. Nothing was left!

Although demand of arresting Sawan Masih was fullfilled but this was not enough for the Muslims they want revenge only evenge.

Nine Christians were severely injured and was hospitalized later where one child died because of sever injuries and one man died with heart attack.




Total affected families= 255
Men = 550, Women = 700
Children = 1200
Bicycles = 300
Motorcycles = 175
Auto Rickshaws = 25
School going Children = 650
Professions= Sanitary workers, Labourers, Teachers, Drivers and Factory workers.

Auto Rickshaws:

25 families had the auto Rickshaws and the families depend on the income earned by auto rickshaws. They rickshaws were looted or set on fire by the mob.


We strongly condemn this framed blasphemy case and want to release the Sawan Masih immediately. To be the voice of Sawan Masih and other persecuted Christians in Pakistan join us and write us.

We want the justice for SAWAN and other jailed people under the false blasphemy cases.


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