Jospeh Conlony Relief Activities

Aim4Faith Ministries reached with the basic needs of life to Joseph Colony Lahore, we have provided the money cheques to 255 Families with the help of our generous partners. They used this money to buy households,food, utensels, blankets and other necessary items.

The people was in terrible shock and they were not getting satisfied the meterialistic items and struggles. To give them satisfication over the huge loss, Aim4Faith Ministires visited the houses and pray for them and provided THE WORD OF GOD. We teach them and their children that how Christians had been PERSECUTEd in the History and how they overcome on this. We have to learn about this and we have to pray as Lord Jesus Chirst has done this on the CROSS. He prayed for those who had curcifying HIM, The Lord Jesus said, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."(Luke 23:34)



Aim4Faith Ministries's team reached each home and prayed for the perseucted ones and ensure them that we are always with the people of Joseph colony. Executive Director Aim4Faith Ministries Mr. Jamil Thomas distributed the Holy Bibles among the families.



The people of Joesph Colony, Lahore say thanks to team of Aim4Faith Ministries after getting the wonderful gifts. The Bibles were toren and burnt by the angry mob during this sad inccident. You can get complete information of this persecution by clicking here.



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