Free Biblical Literature

Aim4Faith Ministries providing free Biblical literature to new believers and non-believers to understand the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. Free books, comic books, children books and children Bibles are distributed in the villages, schools, Churches, prayer meetings and homes.

The team and volunteers of the Ministry visit the different places and distribute the material to know more about Bible, Biblical values and teachings of Lord Jesus Christ.

Aim4Faith Ministries also post the material to those who request via letters, messages, face book messages or twitter. We post the free Bible material to pastors, teachers, community leaders and groups, they are responsible to distribute the material in their areas and groups.

We love to spread Lord Jesus Christ's good news among the folks who never heard the name of Lord Jesus Christ in Pakistan and other south Asian countries.


The volunteers of Aim4Faith Ministries distributing the comic books in the prayer meeting and youth are studying and learning the Gospel.



A newly published book named "Gentle Whispers from Eternity" translated by Mr. Jamil Thomas is being distributed among every walk of life especially Pastors, Catholic Priests, School teachers, Youth and women.




Volunteers of Aim4Faith Ministries packing the books, tracts, comic books for post. People from all over the Pakistan and other countries request for free material and we post it free of charge.



If you want to learn more about Lord's salvation plan, if you want to teach the Gospel to your friends, neighbors, classmates, office fellows, brother and sisters and you need a free Bible, free Biblical literature then please drop a letter to P.O Box No 70, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan.

It will be great honor to post you the material and it totally free of cost. Please spread the news around and get the blessings. God bless you and keep you.


For more information please do not hestitate to write us .