(1) Click on this URL:

(2) Locate Pakistan and put in your donation amount.

(3) You need my personal data as receiver:

Name: Jamil Thomas


Phone: +92 345 855 1775

(4) They will ask how you want to send your donation -- Credit Card works.

(5) Follow through with your CC info, etc. and click "Continue"

(6) They will process your transaction with a small transaction

fee and issue you a receipt.

Note: Once your account is set up and you've sent money to Aim4Faith, you will be able to use it again if you want to donate in the future.

Thanks so much for your support.


Did you know that...

Your gift does so much more than just help families and children escape from extreme poverty?

Your gift will be used to educate children, even those who are suffering in forced captivity and bonded child labor! (yes, slavery exists in Pakistan) Ignorance is the father of misery.

Your generous gift will help us reach more people with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will allow us to buy many copies of the Urdu Bible!

Your gift goes directly towards rescuing the persecuted Christians of Pakistan.

Please, help us break the cycle of poverty! Help us build long-term financial security.

Thank you so much for helping these families! Because of your generous gifts, these young Christian Soldiers will have food, medicine, books and other necessities.

Thanks to your support, Aim4Faith Ministries is transforming the lives of more than 2 million people in Pakistan!

For more information please write us...!