Persecution in Pakistan

There are certain laws against Christians where the blasphemy law is like a naked sword. ( Blasphemy can be proved with two witnesses if they say the words orally or found written anywhere , there is death plenty if anyone found guilty ) . There is a Several hundred have been persecuted under blasphemy laws and death sentences have been handed out to at least a dozen. Blasphemy allegations are often made on the flimsiest of evidence but enraged mobs pressure the police into registering cases. In court, the alleged act of blasphemy cannot even be repeated, as that would be an act of blasphemy in itself, so verdicts are reached in the absence of the main piece of evidence.

Some people accused of blasphemy have been killed in prison or shot dead in court, and even if pardoned, may remain in danger from imams in their local village. 19 July 2010, two brother who were Pastors in Faisalabad were shot dead in the court when the court released them from blasphemy charges.

There is no mercy for the victims if he is accused of blasphemy weather it is unproved in the court. People took the laws in their hands and it is very difficult for the person to live in Pakistan. Asia Bibi waiting for his death day as she is sentenced death plenty on sip of water, she was falsely framed by the village women when she drank water from a pitcher in the field where all the women were working together. In 2012, a 14 years girl named Ramsih Masih having down- syndrome framed by the Imam in Islamabad and she had the blasphemy charges. She released later when truth came out that Imam (Hafiz Muhammad Khalid Chishti) has framed her to capture the houses of Christian community. Imam was in police custody and few days earlier he has been released from Jail.

By now, many Christians have been killed in the false cases of Blasphemy. The incident of Gojra and Korain (25 Km away from Toba Tek Singh city and Gojra is a Tehsil of Toba Tek Singh) is a very sad incident where 8 Christians were burnt alive in 2009 when they are at their homes.

Even in the public schools teachers have been killed by their students as students judged that teacher has done some blasphemy. These are very bad examples of religious fundamentalism which is highly strong in the Pakistan .



First August 2009, Eight Christians were burnt alive when they were in their homes. These women and children have nothing to do with Muslims or the law...They were killed just because they are Christians. Later on, police make the false cases against the alive persons of family and everybody is out of jail now. Even not a single person get any punishment or jail by the government of Pakistan


Here are few main incidents of Christian persecution in Pakistan but there are many which are not mentioned here.

1. 15 Feb 1997, the Shanti Nagar village was totally destroyed by the mob of 75000 Muslims and 6000 Christians were victimized and they lost their homes, households, bicycles, cars, tractors, Churches.

2. 9 August 2002, Muslim gunmen attacked on Church in Taxilia around 20 km away from Capital Islamabad when people were praying, they open fire and throw the grenades and killing 5 people and wounded 30 men, women and children.

3. 25 September 2002, Six Christians working in the Charity named Institute of Justice and Peace Pakistan, were killed by indentified Muslim gunmen. They were shot in their heads. The police said their hands were tied and their mouth were covered with tape.

4. 25 December 2002, when people were gathered for Christmas prayer in a village named chainwali near Sialkot city attacked by the Muslim gunmen where they open fire and threw grenades and killed 4 persons and left 35 severely injured.

5. 2 nd May 2004, 19 years old Christian boy named Javed Masih was brutally beaten to death by the Muslim Religious leaders in Toba Tek Singh. Javed had stopped at a Madrassa (Muslim seminary) to drink water when he was set upon by a gang of Muslims.

Once they had found out that Javed was a Christian, he was kidnapped and tortured for five days. His attackers had pulled out his fingernails, broke his right arm and some of his fingers. They had also used electric shocks in an attempt to convert him. His captors had beaten and tortured him to no avail; he would not convert to Islam.

Javed, now barely alive, was taken to the local Police station where his attackers accused him of blasphemy. He was then transported by Police to the local hospital and the staff there was shocked at the extent of his injuries.

Despite their efforts, on May 2nd, 2004, Javed died in Faisalabad state hospital, almost two weeks after being admitted. The report submitted by the hospital on his death stated:" Javed had died as a result of 26 serious injuries to his body, from sustained torture". During his time in hospital, Javed gave a video-taped death-bed testimony to his family, identifying one of his attackers and his daily torture.

6. November 2005, Sangla Hill, Christian colony, three Churches (Roman Catholic, Presbyterian Church and Salvation Army Church) and Roman Catholic High School set on fire by 4000 Muslim mob who are armed with modern guns and armors where 3000 Christians were victimized.

7. 30 th July 2009, Muslim mob attacked on village Korain District Toba Tek Singh and looted and burnt 90 homes and two churches

8. 1 st August 2009, Mob attacked in town Christian Colony Gojra District Toba Tek Singh and looted, and burnt 130 homes when the people were taking rest at noon time on hot weather many Christians fled but one unfortunate family were not able to flee and gave their lives, eight members of the family were burnt alive and all homes were turned into ashes in a hour.






The mob looted and burnt the homes in Gojra City and Chak No 362JB Korain. More than 500 houses burnt in both places, people lost their homes, households and all their savings.


9. March 2011, Shahbaz Bhatti a Christian minister were gun downed in Islamabad as he spoke out against the Blasphemy laws against Christians.

10. On 23 rd September 2012, in Mardan a mob attacked and set on fire a Church, high school, computer lab, library, four clergy houses including Bishop's house and brutally beaten Pastor's son and family.

11. March 2013, Muslim mob attacked on Joseph colony Lahore and set fire more than 255 homes and shops. In few minutes, everything was trued to smoke and people lost everything. The total 255 families were affected and 1200 children were victimized.

12. 3 April 2013, a storm of people attacked on Francis colony Gujranwala and looted shops and houses. They stoned on church and tried to put everything on fire. All day the colony was a war field while police was not able to do anything. At the end 50 shops and 60 homes were looted. Before the police came the damage has done.



13. 22 Sep 2013, 78 killed inculding 15 children and 34 women, 146 wounded in dealiest attacks on Church in Peshawar during the worship service. Three days mourning was annouced all over the Pakistan by the Christians.

14. On 15 March 2015, two bomb blasts took place at Roman Catholic Church and Christ Church (Church of Pakistan) during Sunday Service at Youhanabad Lahore, Pakistan. 17 people were killed and 80 were severely wounded in the attacks.

15. On 29 March 2016, Easter Sunday, 72 were killed in Suicide attacks on Gulshan Iqbal Park, Lahore when people were there to celebrate Easter Holiday and among them 59 were innocent children.


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