Are you a Christian leader responsible for the overall funding of your Staff?


Are you sending Hundreds of Emails to National and International Donor, Individuals, Ministries, Organizations and Getting No RESPONSE?


Are you spending many hours on Facebook and Other Social Media platforms and having No Success?


Are you searching a lot for Resources for your Ministry, Organization or Orphanage but No Success?


Are you applying all your strength & traditional methods for Funding and Still No Success?

Do you want your Ministry/Organization 100% funded?



We know Funds are the backbone of any Ministry or Organization. Without the enough funds no organization can flourish although the leaders has the potential and enthusiasm to work hard. Many of them are also working hard but they are failure to get the funds.

Join DPD Trainings to Raise Funding Sucessfully


The DPD (Dynamic Partnership Development) is especially Training for Youth Leaders, Team Leaders, Pastors, Organizational leaders who seeks the funds for their Ministries/organizations.


In Training sessions you will learn


  • Power of Communication
  • How to keep connected with Your Friends Through Email
  • How to Write an Email or Letter to organization or personal
  • Techniques and Methods to write a letter or email


How to Grow Your Followers, Tribe or connection


  • What are the Tribes, Followers
  • How to keep connected with them
  • Techniqyes and Methods to grow your Tribe



Values and Mechanics of Your webpage


  • What is the webpage or website
  • How to design your Ministry/organization Website
  • What are the Web Magnets and How to Use them


How to Use Social Media Effectively


  • How to use Facebook
  • How to Keep connected with your friends
  • How to use other Social Media Plateforms


If you want to participate in these trainings, please Contact us, or subscribe; if you want us to come to you, just organize a groups of 15 leaders we will come to you .

We Believe We can Help You Raise Your Funding Successfully



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